Virtual work collapses distance. Participants can be anywhere. This includes the entire planet. The ability to be anywhere, while it can be convenient, can also be quite disruptive, and if it can be disruptive, then the chances are it will be disruptive.

The touch that’s felt around the world

In India they buy and sell at about 10% of what we do the United States. There is no disruption, when everyone keeps to themselves. However, when the Indians sell to the United States, it is disruptive, because US enterprises cannot even come close. US enterprises are being challenged to define their core businesses and to delegate everything else. To resist virtualization and collaboration is to retreat into oblivion. The rest of the world should take note and not underestimate US ingenuity. Just because there is a huge price differential between the US and many of its international competitors does not necessarily mean that work generated in the US will be won and controlled elsewhere. Relationships in business are much more important than who does the work or where that work is done. Clever businesses in the US understand and exploit this price differential by forming strategic alliances wherever and whenever it is advantageous to the enterprise.